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High Lift Premium Alloy Clip-ons  

High Lift Premium Alloy Clip-ons

Sold in pairs.

Manufactured in the same style as our Premium Alloy clip ons but with the tube position 13mm higher, giving a more comfortable riding position or for clearance to items around the top yoke. These use the same tube as the premium range (ACT270) but are only available in 41mm, 43mm, 45mm, 48mm, 50mm, 51mm.
The drop angle of these clip ons is approx 7 degrees. 

Recommended torque settings:
M8 PINCH BOLT = 23 Nm (16.5 lb-ft)
M6 PINCH BOLT = 10 Nm (7.0 lb-ft)

Product code:

PAB041HL-X  41mm silver
PAB043HL-X  43mm silver
PAB045HL-X  45mm silver
PAB048HL-X  48mm silver
PAB050HL-X  50mm silver
PAB051HL-X   51mm silver



Our Price: £118.80

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